Remote Computer Repair and Technical Support

Rainier Managed IT Services offers remote computer repair services, even after regular business hours. Through our free application called Rainier Connect, you have immediate access to our expert technicians for repairs and maintenance.

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Need Remote Computer Repair Service?

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Benefits of Using Remote Technical Support

Our remote connect repair service is the easiest way to have our team fix your computer issue. Some of the benefits of using our remote support include:

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Fast Response Time

As soon as our team is notified of an issue with your computer, we can immediately connect to your PC and begin diagnosing and repairing the issue.

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After-Hours Service

Sometimes, computer repairs can’t wait. Our technicians can connect to your PC and fix an issue 24/7 to perform maintenance and make repairs.

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Proactive Maintenance

Our Rainier Connect monitoring application is constantly tracking the health of your computer. The application can send our team alerts when a potential problem arises, allowing us to proactively fix an issue before it grows into a major problem.

Our Remote Technical Support Services

Nearly any computer issue can be resolved through a secured, remote connection to our technician. Some of our services include:

Anti-virus installation:

Our team can help you install anti-virus software and set up your computer to defend your data from malicious attacks.

Computer diagnostics:

One of the first things our technicians do when connecting to your computer is run diagnostic tests. We work to identify the root problem with your PC, then make a repair plan to get your computer back in working order.

Data backup, transfer, and recovery:

We can securely backup all of your critical data on a secure cloud server to protect you from potential cyber-attacks or accidental file deletion. If you lose an important file, we can help you recover the information you need.

Password Recovery:

There seems to be a password for everything, and it’s common for people to forget or lose a password! Our technicians can remotely connect to your PC and help you recover and reset any of your passwords.

PC Refresh:

This service is also called PC optimization and tune-up. We can connect to your computer and clean up your hard drive by removing unwanted software or completely wiping your PC and reloading your operating system for a fresh start.

Virus removal:

Viruses put your data and private information at risk and can be tough to remove. If you suspect a virus infection, our techs can quickly connect to your computer and remove any viruses such as Malware, Spyware, or Adware.

About Rainier Connect

Rainier Connect is a home-grown program developed by Rainier Managed IT Services that can monitor your computer’s health and allow our technicians to quickly address your computer needs. The application is free to download! For more information about Rainier Connect, click here.

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